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Steve George

Steven B. George  Born October 5, 1947  Died February 7, 1975

Buried Larkin Cemetery, Sandy, Utah 

Veteran, Vietnam War



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02/01/16 11:24 AM #1    

Tomma Gooding (Hargraves)

Very fond memories of Steve sitting behind me in sociology... ?  I think.  Only guy I ever let cheat off me during tests... Had to keep our championship basketball players eligible.

02/02/16 12:12 PM #2    

Scott Bennion

great stuff tomma!  he was a wonderful guy, and a great basketball player.  i grew up with him and always loved him.  MUCH too early for him to leave us.  we lost a really beautiful peson.

too bad i couldn't have sat behind you too, i would have certainly done better in whatever class we were in.   i had perfect vision 20/15, looking over someone's shoulder.   now i am in trouble at this age.  i would have to ask you to pass your paper back to me, instead.



02/03/16 10:56 AM #3    

Tomma Gooding (Hargraves)

Ha... no worries, Scott... I'm now into progessive bifocals!  I am sad to see so many of our memory folks were taken during Viet Nam... I married a vet as well... times many don't want to talk about now.  Thanks for the comment. 

02/04/16 10:07 AM #4    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

I grew up with Steve, just one street over from me.  I have such fond memories of him, from playing basketball as neighborhood kids, to watching him help win a state basketball championship our senior year....rather surreal!  But, with that, he remained a friend, didn't seem to go to his head.  He was still the kid around the corner, and he died way too young.  Rest in peace, my friend Steve....

02/05/16 04:48 PM #5    

Kathleen England (Thompson)

I also remember Steve, and have thought of him often.  I was so shy and quiet in high school, but he was always so kind to me, He had this ability to make you feel like you could do anything, he was a very good friend to me.


02/06/16 03:42 PM #6    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

02/07/16 08:52 AM #7    

Bob MacDougall

I remember going to an apartment that Steve had when we were in our freshman year at the U.  It was so cool that he had his own place.  The last time I saw him was outside the old Red Belle saloon on State street, he died a few weeks later.  After going to his viewing I left a trail of tears while fleeing the funeral parlor.  Steve was a decent human being.

02/12/16 11:08 AM #8    

Richard L. (Rick) Pyper

I am posting this comment in four places regarding our HHS championship basketball team.  It is one of the inexplicable coincidences (?) that so many of the athletes who played on that team have been removed from this "mortal coil" so early in their lives.  Their efforts and performances on the court gave joy to us all.  I remember traveling back (from Provo?) to SLC after one of those games (the championship?) with a car full of Highlanders celebrating the accomplishments of our basketball heroes.  They will always be remembered for such wonderful, happy moments.  RIP guys.

02/13/16 09:40 AM #9    

Lori Duncan (Boyer)

I also grew up with Steve. He was very smart, confident and a gifted athlete.  That war robbed us of so many wonderful people.  I remember Steve fondly.

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